Our Imperative – A Customer Is For Life

We truly believe that “A Customer is for life”, and hence offering our customers impeccable products & services is of utmost importance to us. We offer high-quality products comparable to the best in the industry without creating a hole in your pocket. And we do so by offering a vast range of products suitable for specific needs of industries from Transport like automotive, aerospace to Energy & Environment, Medicine and many more

  • Quality – Comparable To The Best In Industry
  • Superior Customer Service – Our Tech Associates Will Respond To All Your Queries Within 24hrs!
  • Best Materials – Advanced Coatings Like AlTiN, Diamond, SiTiN, CBN Etc.
  • Geometry – Numerous Options Available Such As Various Flute Lengths (2, 3, 4 & More); Helix Design For High Speed, Feed Conditions; Cutting Edge Design (Sharp, Chamfer Or Radius) Etc.
Solid Carbide Tools

We provide End Mills, Ball Mills & Specials for all your needs.Server Every Industry From Automotive, Railways, Aerospace, Medical, Solar & many more.

Our Tools perform better than many others as they offer –

  • Faster cutting speed
  • Longer tool life
  • Low maintenance
  • Durable
  • Increased machine spindle life

We have specialized series of cutters for specific needs as per material & its HRc.

V5 Soft Series – for soft & pre-hardened steel (HRc~45),too steel & cast iron

V5 power Series – for medium hardened steel (HRc 48 ~ 58),mold steel & cast iron

V5 Max Series – for high hardened steel (HRc 50 ~ 65)

V5 Flexi Series – for various works material such as pre-hardened steel (HRc ~ 48),Mold steel, Carbon Steel & Heavy Cuts

V5 Diamond Series – for Graphite Composites, Carbon Fiber, Reinforced Plastic, Non-Ferrous & Non-Metallic materials

V5 MatSpec Series – for stainless Steel, Cope, Aluminium, CFRP, Glass/Carbon Fiber,Non-Ferrous & Non-Metallic materials

V5 Special Geometry Series – For specific applications

V5 Thermo -Plast & Dental Series – For ABS & Medical industry

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