CFC & CCM Components
(for High – Temperature Application)

CFC has superior toughness, in spite of its light weight, with excellent thermal and electrical conductivity, and resistance to corrosion and abrasion. We are providing not only CFC but also other carbon or carbon related products such as graphite furnace lining, electrode materials and reaction prevention agents.

Carbon Fibre Composites (CCM or C/C composites) materials are made from carbon reinforced with high strength carbon fibre.Thanks to improved strength, shock resistance and other properties, they are being used in a variety of fields including hi-tech industries such a Aerospace, Aeronautics and Semi-conductors, Environment and Energy. General applications includes Industrial Vacuum Furnaces and Automobiles.

Why CCM/CFC in Hi-Tech industries and Application
CFC – Ideally Suited for High-Temperature Ranges

CFC (carbon fiber-reinforced carbon) is a high-performance fiber composite material consisting of a carbon or graphite matrix and carbon fibers. The introducing of the fibers leads to a high-temperature resistant material that can be used under inert gas atmospheres or vacuum at temperatures much higher than 2000° C. Its high specific resistance and rigidity in combination with its excellent chemical and thermal stability make CFC a versatile construction material.

Energy Efficiency

Although its heat absorbing capacity is 2.5 times higher than that of metal, CFC provides a significantly better energy balance than all comparable materials because of its extremely low density. This means for high temperature applications: reduced heating and cooling times as well as less energy demand.

Weight Reduction

Racks and work pieces made of CFC are 8-10 times lighter than classical steel racks. Consequently, they facilitate processes and working cycles and even contribute to the prevention of accidents.

Distortion Resistance

Due to its molecular structure, which has almost no tendency to move even at the highest temperatures, CFC is extremely distortion-resistant and maintains its shape unchanged even after thousands of uses. It reaches its highest stability at temperatures of about 1800° C. Its expansion on 1 meter tends to zero at 1000° C. A comparable metal rack expands by about 1.1 cm (approx. 1/2″).

  • High Mechanical Strength, High Elasticity and High Toughness
  • Ultra Heat Resistance
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle
  • High Thermal and Conductivity
Graphite Block
graphite soft felts
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Our Fields of Competence

We specialize in the most demanding graphite and CFC applications. We consider ourselves to be creators of ideas, development partners and suppliers for the most diverse companies and industries.

We work with
  • Graphite
  • CFC
  • Carbon Graphite
  • Graphite Foil
  • Coated Graphites & CFC

Our high-quality solutions are based on graphite production from planning all the way to processing by a single company. They are as versatile and forward-looking as our customers themselves.

Particularly in the specialized field of high temperature applications, our long-term and economic CFC and graphite developments support new production approaches and improved quality.

Fields of Application
  • Continuous high-temperature facilities
  • Vacuum furnaces
  • High-temperature soldering
  • Sintering
  • Special products
Design, Construction, Realization
Competent Initial Consultation

Thanks to our long-term experience in the design, production and processing of graphites and CFC we are able to advise our customers in a comprehensive and foresighted manner. It all starts with an initial conversation to work out the precise tasks and an analysis of optimization potential.

Well-Coordinated Design Phase

Right from the development phase we use computer-aided strength calculations aimed at providing cost and material optimization. By doing so, we can process nearly all common CAD formats (2D: DXF, DWG; 3D: Solid-
Works, STEP, IGES). Our long-term intensive cooperation with renowned research institutes helps us to find new approaches and optimize existing ones consistently.

Computer-Optimized Evaluation

Finished constructions are subjected to standardized evaluation methods with integrated collision tests. This enables us to detect and eliminate potential problems before making prototypes and saves costs and precious time. Moreover, tested constructions can be realized with maximum reliability.

Assured Production

Since we only use quality Japanese grade graphite, we can guarantee constant graphite and CFC qualities to our customers. Our leading-edge manufacturing plants provide manifold application options for CNC-controlled processing methods even including our own high-temperature furnace.

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